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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best sites to watch movies online?

WatchFree The oldest movie streaming site, allows you to watch movies and TV series in HD quality with no registration. WatchFree highlights popular movies, Latest Movies, HD movies and Top 100 movies at top of the home.

Is movietube a good site to watch movies online?

Some of these sites like Movietube are in form of popular sites’ clones after they went down but over the time they gained amazing popularity. I prefer to choose such sites only whose registration process is optional so that users can watch their favorite movies and shows without much hassle.

What is rare movies&movies?

Hard to find films & Movies. Rare movies deleted movies or perhaps films not available in your country. Here we specialize in supplying movies that are no longer or never have been available elsewhere.

What are the best sites to watch movies without ads?

An ads-free & feature-rich platform with 10000 movies of 13 different countries and TV series. MoviesJoy is a new up comer but it is taking lead by providing the best streaming experience to its users. It doesn’t ask for registration hence you don’t need to provide any additional details about you.

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