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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch VJ junior movies?

The premium plan gives you access to an unlimited number of movies to watch and a subscription for it is only UGX 30,000. VJ junior movies can also be found on YouTube. You just simply type into the search box VJ junior movies and take a look at the different options that will show up in the results section.

Are all translated movies on the market narrated by VJ junior?

Not all translated movies on the market are narrated by VJ junior. There are more VJs on the market and we shall show you how to watch and download VJ junior movies along with movies from other VJs of your choice. Also read: Here are the new releases on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and more to enjoy this weekend

Can You binge-watch VJ movies?

Still, with a variety of genres and also a number of movies from other VJs, you can choose your preference and enjoy binge-watching. You can also choose which VJ’s movies you’d like to watch since many are listed on the website. There is a free and premium plan for the website.

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