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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MusicBee and how does it work?

MusicBee makes it easy to manage, find, and play music files on your computer. MusicBee also supports podcasts, web radio stations and SoundCloud integration Get MusicBee, you will never go back. And it's free! Play your music the way you want. Turn your computer into a music jukebox. Use auto-tagging to clean up your messy music library.

How do I import my music library to MusicBee?

Importing your music library to MusicBee is easy, and if you currently use either iTunes or Windows Media Player there's a simple wizard to automate the process. The files will be indexed, but won't actually be moved unless you select that option manually.

Is there an alternative to MusicBee?

You can run MusicBee on Windows 7 and above. Is there a better alternative? No. You can find alternatives out there like iTunes or Spotify. When comparing music players, MusicBee outranks iTunes or Spotify based on its capabilities. it's is easy to download and easy to use. Music plays seamlessly.

Is Groove Music compatible with MusicBee?

You can also sync your Android and Windows Phone (8.1+) devices. MusicBee has native support for Groove Music (formerly Xbox Music). You can stream directly from MusicBee or add to your existing playlist, get song recommendations from the vast Groove catalog.

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