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Frequently Asked Questions

Can nycers employees access my retirement account information on mynycers?

Additionally, you agree to allow NYCERS employees to co-browse with you by accessing the retirement account information available to you on MyNYCERS at the same time you do. Third Party Verification – NYCERS has contracted with Lexis Nexis to provide verification services to enable this online transaction.

Will nycers provide me with the registration and login-terms and conditions?

NYCERS is willing to provide you the Registration and Login - Terms and Conditions Service ONLY if you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.

How do I register for mynycers?

NYCERS members with a Member or Pension Number can use this form to register for MyNYCERS and securely manage their pension account online. Registration takes 3-5 minutes. If you are not yet a NYCERS member, you may apply here.

Who can apply for nycers membership?

For City employees who wish to apply for NYCERS membership. You may also nominate a beneficiary for a death benefit payable if you die while in City service. For NYCERS members who wish to apply for reinstatement of a former membership with NYCERS or any other New York City or New York State public retirement system.

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