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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you file for unemployment in NH?

How to Apply for Unemployment Online in New Hampshire. In order to determine the best time to file for unemployment when receiving a severance package, review the Amount and Duration of Benefits information. The second step in the unemployment EDD application is filing the continued claim, which is the request for benefits each week.

What to see in NH?

The beach in New Hampshire is a must see if you're not from the New England area. New Hampshire's rocky seacoast is a great place to explore. Even on a rainy day the ride along Ocean Blvd (NH Rt. 1A) will still offer some great views.

What is the population of NH?

2017 Population Estimates The total estimated population of New Hampshire (including unincorporated areas) is 1,342,795. 2017 Population Estimates (including the methodology for estimating the total population) 2017 Population Estimates

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