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Frequently Asked Questions

How does unemployment insurance work in New York State?

In New York State, employers pay contributions that fund Unemployment Insurance. You must file an Unemployment Insurance claim to find out if you are eligible and learn your actual benefit amount. To collect benefits, you must be ready, willing, and able to work, and actively looking for work during each week in which you are claiming benefits.

How to certify for weekly unemployment benefits in New York State?

Refer to this step by step process on how to certify for your weekly benefits: 1 Go to 2 Enter your username and password. 3 Click the “Unemployment Services” button on the My Online Services page. 4 Then click “ Certify to Claim Your Weekly Benefits Here ” and follow the instructions.

How do I file an unemployment claim in New York State?

If you are not a Shared Work participant, and you need to file a new claim, please go to to file your first claim for unemployment insurance benefits. WARNING: Use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), proxy, or internet anonymizer service will cause problems with your ability to apply or certify for benefits.

What is a New York state unemployment pin?

If you have never filed a claim for benefits in New York State, you must create a PIN. This is a four-digit number that you must keep confidential. This PIN will be used to access the system to certify for weekly benefits and update your account. Ready? Make sure you have with you:

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