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Frequently Asked Questions

What are orchids good for beginners?

25 Easiest to Grow Orchids: A Beginner's Guide 1- Aspasia. These are fairly small orchids 6-10" tall with moderate light requirements- making them ideal for the windowsill. 2- Brassavola. Brassavola, the so-called lady of the night orchid, for its evening perfume-like fragrance. ... 3- Brassia. ... 4- Bulbophyllum. ... 5- Calanthe. ... 6- Cattleya. ... 7- Coelogyne. ... 8- Cycnoches. ... 9- Cymbidium. ... 10- Dendrobium. ... More items...

Do orchids do well at the office?

If you have to spend eight hours per day in an office, it's important to like your workspace. Orchids can help; a well-placed orchid will brighten the room and make your otherwise-dingy office look and feel like a beautiful, visually appealing place.

How do you start orchids?

Pot the new plants in 2-inch pots using a loose orchid medium of bark, weathered volcanic rock or sphagnum moss. Soak the medium first to ensure it is completely moist. Plant the new plantlet with the old stem standing upright and the shoots facing to the side or upward.

What should I Feed my orchids?

Experienced orchid growers fertilize their orchids weakly, weekly. Orchids need to be fed regularly. Growers suggest using a "balanced" fertilizer such as 20-20-20 that includes all "necessary trace elements.".

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