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Frequently Asked Questions

How many visitors does the Oregon Zoo have?

Community-supported since 1888, the Oregon Zoo is a world leader in animal welfare and conservation, connecting more than 1.6 million visitors with the world of wildlife every year. Open every day of the year except Dec. 25.

What is the Oregon Zoo's most enduring symbol?

The herd of elephants, represented by three generations, is the Oregon Zoo's most enduring symbol of animal welfare, education and community support. Animals in the zoo's care thrive with the ability to experience enriching activity in a habitat that promotes their natural behavior.

How much does it cost to park at the Oregon Zoo?

Parking at the Oregon Zoo costs $2 per hour, to a maximum of $8 per day. The Washington Park light rail station provides regional public transit access to the Oregon Zoo. Additionally, TriMet bus route 63-Washington Park, which runs seven days a week year-round, serves the zoo via Washington Park.

What does Oregon Zoo do for Borneo elephants?

Oregon Zoo’s Care and Conservation of Borneo Elephants program supports projects in Sabah, Malaysia, to reduce human-wildlife conflict, create safe travel corridors for elephants and other wildlife in degraded landscapes and provide care for injured or orphaned elephants.

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