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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of an orthodontist?

Provide treatment for various forms of malocclusion and teeth irregularityPerform diagnostic tests using x-rays and plaster molds to locate the position of a dental problemFit braces, brackets, and other teeth appliances in patients’ mouth to correct teeth positioningMore items...

What are the most common procedures in orthodontics?

Some Common Orthodontic ProceduresThe traditional metal braces are very well-known by people all over the world. ...Lingual braces are very similar to traditional braces and they are also used to correct misaligned teeth. ...Invisalign is the most preferred method of straightening uneven teeth. ...More items...

What is orthodontics and what does an orthodontist do?

An orthodontist is a dentist who has chosen to further their studies in order to have specialized knowledge in improving or correcting the misalignment of people's jaws and teeth. Through their work, orthodontists have the ability to help people feel less anxious about their teeth, improve smiles, and give their patients more self-confidence.

How to become an orthodontist?

How to become an orthodontist. Follow these steps to pursue a career as an orthodontist: 1. Graduate high school. If you are considering a career as an orthodontist while still being in high school, the most useful courses are likely to be biology, anatomy, physics, mathematics and both organic and inorganic chemistry. 2. Earn a bachelor's degree.

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