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Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert Ost to PST [manually]?

How to Convert OST File to PST Open your Outlook application, and click File. In the window that appears, select Open & Export, and then click Import/Export. From the Import and Export Wizard, select 'Export to a File' under Choose an action to perform section. See More....

How do I search pst files?

To search for the .pst files: Windows 10 or Windows 7: Select the icon labeled Type here to search in the taskbar. ... Type * .pst, and then press Enter or select Find Now. ... Close the search window and start Outlook. ... More items...

How to access Ost file?

Open Control Panel. ... Click on User Accounts. Click the Mail option. In the "Mail Setup" experience, click the Show Profiles button. Select the profile with the account you want to fix. ... Click the Properties button. Click the Email Accounts button. Click the Data Files tab. Select the broken account. Click the Open File Location button. More items...

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