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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ostost PST viewer?

OST PST viewer is a free and powerful tool that will help you to open and work with OST, PST and other Outlook file formats without Microsoft Outlook installed. It can open orphaned files and files of any size created by any version of Microsoft Outlook.

How to read PST and ost files without outlook?

With OST PST Viewer you also can read PST and OST without connecting them to Outlook. Just simply click the "open" button in the file menu and choose which PST or OST file to view; all your data becoming available for reading. No more steps are needed to read PST files.

How do I view an OST file?

This flexible, easy to use viewer features an intuitive interface. Simply select a PST (or OST) file from the file tree and click to view. No need for MS Outlook! View emails and attachments. Easily sort emails by referencing specific fields: name, date, sender, recipient, etc.

What is the best pst file viewer for Outlook?

PST file viewer is the right tool for users who have lots of PST files and don't want to connect each of them to Outlook. OST PST Viewer has a simple design so, you don't need to spend extra time for becoming familiar with the OST PST Viewer interface.

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