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Frequently Asked Questions

Did the Judges recommend a warning for Spec's liquor?

Instead, the judges recommended nothing but a warning. Spec’s Liquor President John Rydman, with wife and owner Lindy Rydman in blue and their daughter Lisa Rydman, granddaughter of the chain's founder, at the flagship store in Houston on June 29, 2017.

Is spec's Houston's largest liquor vendor?

Vicki Vaughn of the San Antonio Express-News said that Spec's is "known for its sprawling stores". It is the largest vendor of liquor in Greater Houston. Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle said that Spec's was "Houston’s 800-pound wine gorilla.".

When did spec's buy Palms Liquor?

In 2008 Spec's acquired Palms Liquor in Galveston, giving the chain its first Galveston store. [8] In 2009 Spec's announced plans to open a store in Live Oak, giving the chain its first store in Greater San Antonio. [2]

How did Spec Jackson get his name?

Carroll B. "Spec" Jackson and Carolynn Jackson founded the store. "Spec" Jackson wanted to work for himself and make enough money so Carolynn would not have to work. The store's name originated from his nickname, "Spec's," referring to his eye spectacles. "Spec" Jackson spent $7,000 to have his first store opened.

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