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Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone grow pampas grass?

Pampas grass has made its way onto the invasive weed list in California and Texas, and been completely banned in New Zealand and Hawaii due to its ability to thrive and take over an area . However, many people in other locations use this ornamental grass with large plume-like flowers to decorate their yards, gardens, and pool areas. [1]

Does pampas grass need full sun?

Pampas grass can tolerate light shade, but like turf grass it grows best in full sunlight. Reduced light deprives the grass of normal growth processes. It becomes less resistant to disease, and it has to compete with larger plants for water and nutrients.

How far apart to plant pampas grass?

Plant the grass in holes twice the diameter of the original container, or 8 inches in diameter, and the same height as the pots. Space each plant 8 feet apart to allow the pink pampas to reach maturity.

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