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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Panasonic slogan?

The brand slogan is a concise expression of the brand promise. It is a short phrase that indicates our vision and direction as we expand from BtoC into the BtoB and BtoBtoC fields, while preparing to mark Panasonic's 100th anniversary in 2018.

Who makes Panasonic cameras?

Panasonic began manufacturing digital cameras in the mid-2000s, all under the Lumix brand name. In Japan only, Panasonic also manufactures all Leica brand name digital cameras, and many Lumix and Leica camera models are of similar design.

What is National Panasonic?

National (ナショナル, Nashonaru) is a defunct brand used by Panasonic Corporation (formerly Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.) to sell home appliances, personal appliances, and industrial appliances. Neither National Semiconductor nor National Car Rental are related to Panasonic or the "National" brand.

What is Panasonic sensor?

Panasonic Sensor Solutions Are Engineering A Better World! Panasonic Sensor products combine the latest technologies with plug-and-play devices such as Grid-EYE® Thermopile Array Sensors, a wide array of Passive Infrared Motion Sensors (PIRs), and highly specialized and accurate Factory Automation Sensors.

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