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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Pangea mean?

The single global ocean which surrounded Pangaea is accordingly named Panthalassa. The name Pangaea is derived from Ancient Greek pan meaning "entire", and Gaia meaning "Earth". The name was coined during a 1927 symposium discussing Alfred Wegener's theory of continental drift.

Was Pangea the only true supercontinent?

Pangea is believed to be the most recent supercontinent, but it is possible that there may have been other supercontinents before Pangea. Pangea, however, is the only one that scientists can reproduce and have "proof" of. Before we go any further into Pangea, we need to define some terms to fully understand this concept:

What is Pangea and how did it become apart?

Wegener called the supercontinent Pangaea, meaning "all lands" in Greek, and he said it was bordered by Panthalassa, the universal sea. He claimed the lands separated 250 million years ago by the process of continental drift, which means the continents just slowly fractured and went their separate ways.

What proof is there that Pangea existed?

Further, there is evidence which backs the idea that all continents were once one megacontinent, ie Pangea. This is seen primarily in fossil records of both flora and fauna found all over the globe. A variety of fossils have been found of similar or identical animal species across a variety of continents which are now great distances apart.

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