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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You See saved passwords on explorer?

Click on the "Dom Explorer" tab and then click "select element button" of the three buttons. After that is clicked , click the password button on the webpage. just change the value of type in the code from "password" to "text" and you can see your saved password on the page.

How do I manage Internet Explorer passwords?

Manage Your Passwords Effectively. Step. Access Internet Explorer from your computer's 'Start' menu. Find the 'Tools' heading on the tool bar at the top of the browser window. Click on 'Tools,' then select 'Internet Options.'. Hit the 'Content' tab. Locate the 'AutoComplete' heading and click the 'Settings' button.

How to prompt IE to save password?

Open Internet Explorer. Select the gear on the right side of the main toolbar and choose "Internet Options ". Select the " Content " tab, then select " Settings " in the " AutoComplete " section. In the " Use AutoComplete for " pane, do one of the following: Uncheck the "Ask me before saving passwords " box to stop IE from prompting you to save ... More items...

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