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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is KeePass?

The KeePass database is very secure, but it requires you use a long and complex password. It is also a good idea to increase Key Rounds. KeePass requires a database. This database is then encrypted using AES before being written to disk. Your passwords are only as secure as the products where you enter the passwords.

What is KeePass Password Safe?

KeePass Password Safe, usually shortened to KeePass, is an open-source software program developed by Dominik Reichl. The purpose of the software is to manage the user’s passwords, keeping them safe and secure, while also providing the user with a database that they can access whenever they need to retrieve a specific password.

Where is KeePass database stored?

The KeePass database is encrypted when stored anywhere and the encrypted database file must be transferred from the cloud to your local computer before it can be decrypted. Your passwords are never transferred in plaintext over the internet. Your database is never stored in plaintext on the cloud.

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