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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a self build porch right for You?

If you have the time to lend to the project, a self build porch is a great option for adding practicality and security to your home. Whether it’s a DIY front porch or rear porch, each element of the build is entirely up to you. We take pride in providing high-quality installations.

Do you need an enclosed porch or deck?

Do you love your deck, patio or porch but wish you were able get more use out of it? You may want to consider adding an enclosed porch to your home. Whether you would like to fully enclose your outdoor space or just add a screen system, Patio Enclosures® will custom design your room to meet your specific needs and fit the aesthetic of your home.

Why patio kits direct?

Why Patio Kits Direct? Order your customized cover and install it in your home with ease. Looks like wood, but most importantly, it has the durability and resiliance of aluminum. Alumawood will not rot, peel, burn or get termites!

Do you provide a tiled roof with the UPVC porch kit?

We don’t provide tiled roofs as part of the uPVC porch kit, but once you’ve assembled the main section it can be a straightforward process to fix the roof in place. Our DIY porches are made from high quality, long-lasting uPVC frames and are designed for easy assembly.

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