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Frequently Asked Questions

When to spell out percent?

According to the Associated Press Stylebook, it should be written as 60 percent. Numbers less than ten should be spelled out, 10 and above should be numerals unless they occur at the beginning of a sentence.

How to find a number given its percent?

Multiply the given percentage value by 100 and divide that product by the percent. This method will work in any instance where a percentage and its value are given. For example, when 2%=80, multiply 80 by 100 and divide by 2 to achieve the solution of 4000. Percentages may be written as fractions or decimals. For example, 2/100=0.02

What is the formula for finding a percentage?

The formula for finding percentages is to divide part of the whole quantity by the whole quantity and then multiply by 100 percent. A percentage change can be found by simply dividing the old quantity into the difference between the old quantity and the new quantity.

What's the difference between a percentage and a proportion?

As nouns the difference between proportion and percentage is that proportion is (lb) a quantity of something that is part of the whole amount or number while percentage is the amount, number or rate of something, regarded as part of a total of 100; a part of a whole. As a verb proportion is (arts) to set or render in proportion.

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