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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPV in procurement?

What is PPV? PPV, also known as purchase price variance, is a term used in procurement to refer to the difference between the market rate of a bought item and its actual price.

How do you calculate PPV?

Related: Complete Guide to Efficiency Variance (With Examples) You can calculate the PPV for your company by using the formula below: PPV = (standard price - p) x Q, whereby P represents the actual price while Q is the item's quantity. Write down the standard price you plan on paying for each item. Deduct the standard price from the purchase price.

What is PPV dashboard?

PPV Dashboard or Purchase Price Variance Report by Simfoni makes it easy to track Purchase Price Variance. Using Simfoni’s intuitive spend dashboard and insight driven visualization you can quickly see how prices vary and make it a routine practice to track as your company keeps generating more spend.

Where can I watch PPV events?

PPV events can be watched and ordered on channels 2100 and 2101. Disclaimer: Some channel limitations may apply. Get ready for the biggest event of the summer. Don’t miss Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley, Bianca Belair and all your favorite WWE Superstars when they invade Las Vegas for SummerSlam, live on pay-per-view.

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