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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Hurricane Fiona affect Puerto Rico?

Hurricane Fiona battered parts of Puerto Rico’s south and central mountain regions with more than 20 inches of rain — causing flash flooding, triggering mudslides and leaving the entire U.S. territory without power. Much of the island remained inaccessible Tuesday, delaying a full assessment of the devastation.

Is there a hurricane in Puerto Rico?

Hurricane Fiona is strengthening again as the center of the storm moves away from the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Maximum sustained winds are up to 100 mph, making it a Category 2 storm. The tropical storm warning for Puerto Rico has been discontinued as the threat of strong winds has diminished.

What happened to Puerto Rico's electrical grid after hurricanes Irma and Maria?

After billions of federal dollars were spend to modernize and strengthen the island's electrical grid after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Attorney General Letitia James said residents continue to endure frequent outages and high electrical rates.

What happened to The Guaonica River Bridge in Puerto Rico?

Video captured muddy water washing over the structure and its metal buckling as it bent and then broke. A bridge over the Guaonica River in Utuado, Puerto Rico, was washed away on Sept. 18 after Hurricane Fiona brought more than 2 feet of rain to the island.

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