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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Puerto Ricans voted for statehood?

At Tuesday’s plebiscite, residents narrowly favored statehood with 52% of the vote while about 47% of voters were against it, according to the election commission's website. This was actually the sixth time Puerto Ricans had a choice to make on statehood.

What would happen if Puerto Rico became a state?

The referendum was non-binding, since the power to grant statehood lies with the U.S. Congress rather than Puerto Rico. If Puerto Rico became a state, it would be expected to have two senators, four House representatives, and six electoral college votes.

When was the Puerto Rico referendum?

A referendum of the status of Puerto Rico was held on November 3, 2020, concurrently with the general election. The Referendum was announced by Puerto Rico Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced on May 16, 2020. This was the sixth referendum held on the status of Puerto Rico, with the previous one having taken place in 2017.

Which political parties supported the Puerto Rico statehood bill?

This bill is supported by the Puerto Rico Independence Party, Citizens Victory Movement, and some members of the Popular Democratic Party, but is rejected by the pro-commonwealth status wing of the PDP and the New Progressive Party . ^ Varela, Julio Ricardo. "Is Puerto Rico having a defining vote on statehood?

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