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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Puerto Rico's vote for statehood?

No action was taken in Washington. In 2017, Puerto Ricans voted overwhelmingly for statehood in yet another nonbinding referendum. But only 23% of eligible citizens voted after opposition parties urged a boycott of an election they said was "rigged" in the way the ballot was worded.

Will Puerto Rico become a state?

The House voted to let Puerto Ricans decide the island territory’s governing status — including statehood.

Is Puerto Rico's statehood referendum binding?

Puerto Rico’s statehood referendum isn’t binding, but proponents hope to pressure Congress into action. Puerto Rico is holding its sixth nonbinding referendum on the issue of statehood.

What would a plebiscite vote mean for Puerto Rico?

The legislation, which passed 233-191 with 16 Republicans voting in favor, frames the terms of a plebiscite on one of three options that would alter Puerto Rico’s status — full statehood, independence, or sovereignty in free association with the US.

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