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Frequently Asked Questions

What does quesadilla literally mean?

Quesadilla. A quesadilla ( /ˌkeɪsəˈdiːjə/ or /ˌkeɪsəˈdɪlə/; Spanish: [kesaˈðiʝa] ( listen) ), or sometimes specifically a cheese quesadilla, is a Mexican dish, consisting of a tortilla that is filled with cheese and then grilled. Traditionally, a corn tortilla is used, but it can also be made with a flour tortilla,...

What kind of cheese is in Mexican quesadillas?

Queso Chihuahua. Queso Chihuahua is a firm, light yellow aged cheese. It has a stronger flavor than most Mexican cheeses, comparable in sharpness to an American cheddar. It is easy to melt and often used to make queso fundido (melted cheese eaten with chips or other “dippers”).

What is queso quesadilla cheese?

Quesadilla Cheese name derived from its popular use in quesadillas, Queso Quesadilla is a sturdy, semi-soft, subtle buttery colored cheese. Its nutty flavor is attributed with mild undertones of tang and custard, great for use in quesadillas or as a snack.

What is Chicken Quesadilla?

The Chicken Quesadilla is a purist’s meal; and we say “purist” in the most complimenting way possible. It’s a simple flour tortilla with some grilled chicken, a hefty portion of melted three-cheese blend, creamy jalapeño sauce, and absolutely zero bells and whistles.

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