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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Rachel Maddow taking a hiatus?

Rachel Maddow Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC. MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow plans to take a hiatus in order to focus on other projects, including podcasting and serving as executive producer for a movie, Business Insider reported Monday. Maddow, who hosts MSNBC's most watched show, is expected to make the formal announcement on air Monday night.

Why is Rachel Maddow at home?

UPDATE, 6:09 PM PT: Rachel Maddow hosted her MSNBC show from her home because of possible exposure to someone who tested positive for Covid, while she confirmed plans to take a hiatus to work on other projects.

When is Rachel Maddow returning to her show?

Rachel Maddow plans to return from her MSNBC hiatus on April 11. Maddow has been absent from her nightly The Rachel Maddow Show since early February, when she said that she was taking a break to work on a movie version of her Bag Man podcast and other projects.

What is Rachel Maddow doing now?

Starting in May, MSNBC’s highest-rated star Rachel Maddow will be hosting her 9 p.m. Eastern show just one day a week — on Mondays — while she pivots to other projects for parent company NBCUniversal. The new schedule has an end-of-an-era feel for MSNBC, since so much of the channel has been built around Maddow for more than a decade.

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