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Frequently Asked Questions

When is Rachel Maddow's last show?

CNN Business reported earlier this week that the five-day-a-week version of her show will come to an end in 2022. She will still appear on MSNBC, but far less often. While some sources insisted that the specifics have not been determined yet, two other sources said that the transition will happen next spring.

Is Rachel Maddow an unbiased journalist?

Rachel Maddow is a political commentator. In other words, her role is not going out and gathering news each day to deliver in an objective and non-biased manner, as a journalist does.

What is the deal with Rachel Maddow?

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has reached a new deal with NBCUniversal, one that will continue her employment at the network for several more years. Considering that her show, since it debuted in 2008, has become the network’s prime-time anchor, you’d expect the news to be announced with a press release, including happy quotes from executives. Not so.

Did Rachel Maddow get married?

Their first date was at the Ladies Day on the Range event hosted by the National Rifle Association. They split their time between their pre-Civil War farmhouse in Western Massachusetts and an apartment in the West Village, Manhattan The couple are not married.

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