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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some listen to police scanners?

portable, time-shifted, and serve as secondary activities. The listener can stream police/fire audio feeds wherever and whenever they want. one reason that listeners gravitate towards online police scanners is the live content. Where else can you hear live police chases as it happens.

How can you listen to local police scanner?

With the Internet, listening to police scanners has changed. The entire landscape of police activity has changed. If you really want to listen to a local police scanner, and you don’t own one, you can go online and listen. You just go to a website that provides audio feeds of radio scanning and tune into it.

Is it illegal to listen to police scanners?

You can listen in to police, emergency services, and even aircraft. So the question is, will a police scanner get you in trouble? Are Police Scanners Illegal. The short answer is no. Operating a police scanner like this is legal in the United States according to the country law. Generally, you won’t have the authorities surround your house and jail you for using a police scanner.

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