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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is RadioShack closing stores?

Why RadioShack Is Closing A Quarter Of Its 4,300 U.S. Stores. The electronics retailer said the decision comes after a "strategic review of our store footprint." It's kind of incredible it had so many locations for this long, at all.

How many stores does RadioShack have?

RadioShack operates primarily as an e-commerce website, a network of approximately 500 independently owned, franchised RadioShack stores, and a supplier of parts for HobbyTown USA. Just so, Are there any Radio Shacks? RadioShack filed for bankruptcy protection on February 5, 2015. …

Did RadioShack close all stores?

RadioShack Corp. now plans to close or sell all 4,000 stores nationwide during its bankruptcy. Hedge fund Standard General has offered to buy approximately 2,000 stores that it wants to operate...

How many Radio Shack stores are left?

The new owners say they hope to have open for business by the end of the month. About 400 RadioShack locations remain open, but operate independently from the REV-owned parent company.

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