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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to radonda Vaught?

Prosecutors say at least 10 mistakes led ex-Vanderbilt nurse RaDonda Vaught to accidentally give a patient a fatal dose of the wrong medication two years ago, including Vaught overlooking a boldfaced warning immediately before injecting the drug.

Is Vaught's error a crime?

Criminalizing Vaught’s error implies that she caused Murphey’s death by administering the wrong medication alone—that the problem was a bad person, not a bad system. But Vaught’s error was simply the last thing that went wrong in a long causal chain.

Did Vaught have to “look directly” at the warning?

Prosecutors said in the court records that Vaught would have had to “look directly” at the warning when sticking a syringe into the bottle before injection the medication.

Did Vaught make a mistake at the hospital?

Vaught has publicly admitted she made “a mistake” at the hospital but pleaded not guilty to all charges. Murphey's family has said they would forgive Vaught for the error and that they have not encouraged prosecution of the case.

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