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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create test cases in rally?

How To Create Test Cases In Rally. In general, we create a test case from the Quality Tab. To create a Test case: Click on Quality Tab >> Test cases >> then click on “New Test Case”.

What is Rally software?

Also includes a Comparison of Jira Vs Rally Software: Rally Software is an enterprise-class platform that is purpose-built for scaling agile development practices. It is acquired by CA Technologies.

How to make use of extended rally apps?

We can make use of extended Rally apps by using adding apps option from the Home page and can create charts/reports. Let’s get into the detailed steps on how to upload bulk test cases into Rally.

How to create test folders and move required test cases?

To maintain all Test cases in an organized way and to separate them in specific functionality or feature-wise or different testing cycles, we can create Test folders and move required test cases under it. To create a folder in Test Plan: Select Quality Tab >> then click on Test Plan

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