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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "RDS" stand for?

RDS stands for Radio Data System. The U.S. version of this has a slightly different name (RBDS or Radio Broadcast Data System) but the facilities are almost the same. Nowadays, Radio Data System is used by almost all radios, especially by car radios.

What does RDS stand for in automotive?

RDS or Radio Data System is standard on most car radios and hi-fi tuners today. RDS is used on VHF FM radio broadcast transmissions and provides a number of facilities that are of great use to all radio listeners, but particularly to those radio listeners in cars.

What does RDS stand for in Microsoft?

RDS stands for Remote Desktop Service (software) Suggest new definition. This definition appears very frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Information technology (IT) and computers.

What does RDS stand for in text messaging?

Hop on to get the meaning of RDS. The Internet Slang, Chat Texting & Subculture Acronym /Abbreviation/Slang RDS means Rise of Destiny. by Last Added

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