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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the job description of a kitchen server?

Server Job Duties: Keeps kitchen staff informed by noting timing of meal progression. Serves orders by picking up and delivering patrons' choices from bar and kitchen; delivering accompaniments and condiments from service bars. Responds to additional patron requirements by inquiring of needs; observing dining process.

What is a server job description?

Server Job Description. Restaurant Servers are responsible for positive Guest interactions while serving Guests in a friendly and efficient manner and play an integral role in ensuring our customers have exceptional dining experiences.

What is a restaurant server?

Restaurant server is the gender-neutral term for a waiter or waitress who is typically part of a wait staff. Servers can be employed in a wide range of establishments, from casual eateries to fine dining restaurants. The nature of their job requires them to be on their feet for much of their shifts.

What does a food server do?

A food server, traditionally called a waiter or waitress in a full-service restaurant, typically takes orders for food and beverages from customers and then serves them the requested items.

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