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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you restore a deleted file?

To retrieve your deleted files from backup: Go to Start button ->open Backup and Restore option -> Click on Control Panel -> System and Maintenance -> then click on Backup and Restore. After the above step, click on Restore my files and follow steps in the wizard.

Can I recover deleted files from Recycle Bin Windows 10?

You can restore data deleted from Recycle Bin on Windows 10: Generally, when you delete files on your PC it will move to Recycle Bin; everyone knows that files on Recycle Bin can be reused by restoring them. Here above scenario reports that you have removed files from Recycle Bin after deletion.

How can I recover deleted files in my computer?

This is the easiest and most common way to recover deleted files from recycle bin. By double clicking the Recycle Bin icon on the Windows. Locate and select the files and folders you need to restore. Right click or click "Restore this item" button. All deleted files will be back to their original location.

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