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Frequently Asked Questions

How to perform lost file recovery on Windows Server 2016?

Download and install Recoverit data recovery on your computer, follow the next steps to perform lost data recovery. Step 1 With Recoverit Data Recovery, click select the "All-Around Recovery" option to start to perform Lost File Recovery on Windows server 2016. Step 2 Select the hard disk drive where your data lost from.

How to recover deleted files in Windows 10?

Select the Backup Date, the time when your files are not deleted. On the Select Recovery Type step, check Files and folders. Then in the Select Items to Recover step, click to expand the server to select the folder that you want to restore. Next, on the Specify Recovery Options step, choose the Original location normally.

How to recover deleted system image from Windows Server 2016?

Insert the bootable media of Windows Server 2016 to boot it, click Repair your computer to enter recovery environment. 2. Choose Troubleshoot > System Image Recovery to get started. 3.

How to perform Windows Server 2016 System Restore?

To perform Windows Server 2016 system restore, one common means is to create a backup including system state. But considering the limitations of Windows Server Backup and the cumbersome procedure, you could also try an easier alternative to backup and restore operating system. I’ll cover both the methods below:

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