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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the return to work template?

Use this return to work template to define your reopening plans and set conventions during the transition to in-person collaboration. This template can help you: Define and communicate policies.

What is a return to office plan?

Creating a return to office plan is all about communicating how your business will transition to in-person collaboration. Use this template to set conventions and align on key RTO policies. Asana keeps teams connected across locations, departments, and tools.

How do I prepare for a return to office?

Before reopening, identify existing policies or practices that will be impacted by your return to office. Then, use this template to create new policies to carry your team through the transition back to the office. This includes how your company defines your in-office, hybrid, or remote work policies. Align on health and safety requirements.

What is a sample return to work action plan?

This sample return to work action plan serves as an example plan for businesses to use as a template when preparing their own plans. It does not account for state and local guidance related to COVID-19, but follows the guidance laid out by the CDC and OSHA that is designed to keep employers, employees, and customers safe.

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