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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install “Ricoh printer”?

• Install “RICOH Printer” to your computer first. For details, see page 5 “Installing the Printer Driver and “RICOH Printer” software”. 1. Press and hold the power key to turn on the printer. 6 2. Connect the computer with the printer using a USB cable or via a Wi-Fi router.

How do I contact Ricoh for support?

Commercial and industrial print support. For continuous feed, cut-sheet and wide-format printers, call 877-318-8968. Ricoh Dynamic Capture. For camera imaging support, submit a support request or call 714-361-3855.

How do I download the Ricoh smart operation Panel APP?

Download the app free from the Ricoh Application Site on your Smart Operation Panel. Important Note: Please read Software License Agreement before proceeding with any downloads. For projectors, desktop and HotSpot printers, video conferencing equipment and interactive whiteboards, call the help desk at 800-742-6438.

How can Ricoh ifpds be used with remote locations?

Connect with PC, iPad, Android, and other Ricoh IFPDs to collaborate with remote locations. The Scan to Folder Configuration Tool is a support tool that helps customers easily set up the environment for scanning documents on the MFP and sending them to a folder on the PC.

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