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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Configure my Ricoh printer?

Ricoh Online System Configurator Tool 1 Step 1: Main Unit. Ships with Starter Toner that yields 7,500 B&W prints/4,500 Color prints (The declared yield value is... 2 Step 2: Paper Tray & Cabinet Options. 3 Step 3: Print/Scan Options. 4 Step 4: Security & Miscellaneous Accessories. 5 Step 5: Supplies. More ...

How does the configurator tool work?

The tool will ensure that the features you add are compatible. If you make a selection that requires the addition of other options or if your selection should not be compatible with other available features, the configurator tool will notify you.

How do I contact Ricoh for product specific questions?

If you have a product specific question, please refer to your User Manual or contact your Ricoh Sales Representative.

How do I create a new model configuration?

To create a configuration, click a category and select a model number. At the end of your build, you will have the option to save the results as a PDF, download your configuration as a TXT file or email your configuration. Click here to submit your email address to be notified when new models are added.

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