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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of training does Ricoh offer employees?

Throughout your entire career at Ricoh, you can receive training in a variety of subjects, including: Business process. Customer service. Management and leadership. Marketing initiatives. Outsourcing operations. Sales. Service. Technology.

Why work at Ricoh?

In our complex, diverse, rapid-fire world, it’s not enough tojust keep up. So we are laser focused on improving customer experiences with our digital services and information management technologies. Our high-performance team powers success in today’s business environments. If you’re looking for a diverse and passionate team, Ricoh is your answer.

How do I know if a job application from Ricoh is legitimate?

When in doubt, ask. If you applied for a job at Ricoh and want to know if a communication that you received is legitimate or fraudulent, please contact 866-428-9959.

What is the Ricoh rpath to success?

We also have RPath to Success, a succession management platform for all Ricoh leaders, where they tell us their accomplishments and share their career aspirations like relocation preference, short/long term career goals and more. Continued education can have positive effects on people both professionally and personally.

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