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Frequently Asked Questions

What is runtime broker in Windows?

This article is part of our explainer series on Windows Processes. What is Runtime Broker (runtimebroker.exe)? In Microsoft Windows, the Runtime Broker process is responsible for managing the permissions for the apps you download from Microsoft Store.

What are Windows Runtime components in UWP?

Windows Runtime components are self-contained objects that you can instantiate and use from any language, including C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, and C++. You can use Visual Studio and C#, Visual Basic, or C++ to create Windows Runtime components that can be used in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps. Thank you.

What is brokered Windows Runtime components (IPC)?

Windows includes a new feature called Brokered Windows Runtime Components for side-loaded applications. We use the term IPC (inter-process communication) to describe the ability to run existing desktop software assets in one process (desktop component) while interacting with this code in a UWP App.

What is runtimeruntime broker high CPU usage (fixed)?

Runtime Broker High CPU Usage (FIXED): What Is Runtime Broker? Runtime Broker is a Windows service that runs in the background. This is an essential service that keeps an eye on what UWP apps are accessing on your system.

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