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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ryan Clayton in Beyond Two Souls?

"You're special, Jodie… and Aiden has got nothing to do with this." Ryan Clayton is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls . Ryan Clayton was born on April 24, 1977.

How do you get in love with Ryan in beyond?

In Love with Ryan is a bronze trophy which can be achieved in Beyond: Two Souls. It requires successful romance with Ryan and can be achieved in the chapter The Dinner, when Jodie invites Ryan to her apartment, after missing a reservation for a restaurant.

What is beyond two souls?

A sophisticated and technologically advanced gaming experience by Quantic Dream, Beyond: Two Souls follows a young woman who has a connection to the world beyond death.

What is the saved all Trophy in Beyond Two Souls?

On this page of our trophy guide to Beyond: Two Souls we have described in detail the requirements of Saved All trophy. This is one of the most complicated trophies in the game. It is awarded for saving all important NPCs to the very end of the game.

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