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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ryan in 'Beyond Two Souls'?

Ryan is a CIA agent, first seen recruiting Jodie into the CIA in Separation, and overseeing her training in Welcome to the CIA . “I think they get the message” — Spoilers for Beyond: Two Souls follow.

How do you get in love with Ryan in beyond?

In Love with Ryan is a bronze trophy which can be achieved in Beyond: Two Souls. It requires successful romance with Ryan and can be achieved in the chapter The Dinner, when Jodie invites Ryan to her apartment, after missing a reservation for a restaurant.

Who is Ryan Clayton in beyond?

Ryan Clayton is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls . Ryan Clayton was born on April 24, 1977. At some point of his life, he married a Unnamed Woman, the couple never had children. However, Ryan and his wife did not quite agree, and eventually the couple divorced.

What is the dinner in Beyond Two Souls?

The Dinner is the sixteenth (chronologically the fifteenth) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls . After two years in the CIA, Jodie has a special dinner with a friend in honor of her new apartment.

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