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Frequently Asked Questions

What is edschoolnet?

Schoolnet takes the instructional planning and scheduling process online, eliminating stacks of papers and hours of manual scheduling. Teachers can tailor lesson plans to meet student needs.

How does SchoolNet work?

Schoolnet’s reporting tools combine assessment results with data pulled from student information systems, including demographics, attendance, course grades, discipline, longitudinal assessment data, and more. Schoolnet creates real-time reports targeted to the questions a teacher asks every day.

What data does SchoolNet track?

Schoolnet tracks item and passage metadata, such as metrics and statistical data, so teachers know more about what the assessments measure, including: Get a closer look at Schoolnet’s features, functionality, and capabilities in the videos below.

What is edschoolnet TestNav?

Schoolnet delivers media-rich, interactive test items through TestNav. Technology-enhanced item types enable interactions not possible with paper testing to engage students. Imported item banks enable next-gen assessment delivery that mirrors a high-stakes student experience. View a sample math test and ELA test.

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