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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of bed sheets?

Matouk was by far the most recommended brand by our experts, with seven designers calling it their favorite company for beautiful, high-quality sheets. All of the percale sheets shown are made of 350 thread-count, long-staple cotton, which is considered to be among the most premium yarns.

What is a twin XL sheet set?

XL stands for extra long, and the bed sheets may be otherwise identified as TXL, extended twin or extra-long twin. Measurements for a twin XL bed sheet is the same width as a standard twin mattress, but is 5 inches greater in length. XL twins are often found in college dorm rooms to accommodate young adults.

What are organic sheets made of?

The cotton sheets and duvet covers are made from SKAL certified organic cotton. Natural silk duvet covers are produced using fair labor practices and SKAL approved dyes and are free from chemical bleaches, azo or heavy metal dyes, and formaldehyde or silicone sizing. ... CB2's sheets are made from GOTS certified organic cotton, inks, and dyes.

What are organic sheets?

Organic sheets are a great way to bring your green lifestyle into the bedroom. Just like regular sheets, organic sheets come in a variety of different thread counts and styles. Mostly made from cotton, organic sheets can also be found in wool and other fabrics.

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