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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Sirius?

Technology Solutions, Systems Integration, Expert Service and Support. Sirius helps companies of all sizes and in all industries become more competitive by taking advantage of technology solutions across the data center and throughout the enterprise.

Where can Sirius be seen from?

Sirius is visible from almost everywhere on Earth, except latitudes north of 73° N, and it does not rise very high when viewed from some northern cities (reaching only 13° above the horizon from Saint Petersburg ). Due to its declination of roughly −17°, Sirius is a circumpolar star from latitudes south of 73° S.

Is Sirius in the Ursa Major group?

Sirius star cluster. Analyses in 2003 and 2005 found Sirius's membership in the group to be questionable: the Ursa Major Group has an estimated age of 500±100 million years, whereas Sirius, with metallicity similar to the Sun's, has an age that is only half this, making it too young to belong to the group.

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