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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in Sister Act?

Sister Act. Sister Act is a 1992 American comedy film directed by Emile Ardolino and written by Joseph Howard, with musical arrangements by Marc Shaiman. It stars Whoopi Goldberg as a lounge singer forced to join a convent after being placed in a witness protection program.

Who is sister Mary Patrick in Sister Act?

Sister Mary Patrick is the bubbliest, sweetest and most giggling nun you will see in Sister Act. She also never frowns. Actor Kathy Najimy played the role. Najimy is also highly recognized every Halloween season for portraying Mary Sanderson in the film Hocus Pocus (1993).

Who are the actors in the movie Sister Wives?

Cast Whoopi Goldberg as Deloris Van Cartier Isis Carmen Jones as Little Deloris Wilson Maggie Smith as Reverend Mother Harvey Keitel as Vince LaRocca Bill Nunn as Lt. Eddie Souther Mary Wickes as Sister Mary Lazarus Kathy Najimy as Sister Mary Patrick Wendy Makkena as Sister Mary Robert (singing voice: Andrea Robinson)

Who are the nuns in Sister Act?

Sister Act. Deloris, given the name Sister Mary Clarence as part of her cover, struggles to adapt to austere convent life. However, she befriends several of the nuns, including jolly Sister Mary Patrick, meek Sister Mary Robert, and the elderly deadpan Sister Mary Lazarus, who works as choir director.

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