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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Sisters on the fly?

The camping group, Sisters on the Fly, discuss their camp cooking expertise. The Junk Gypsies tour vintage trailers with the Sisters on the Fly. Meet the inspiring group of women that make up the Sisters on the Fly.

How many sisters have signed up for SOTF so far?

We’ve since changed the rules a bit (now there are trips where dogs can come along) and we’re at close to 9,700 sign-ups with 4500 Sisters actively creating SOTF memories. And enjoy this Arizona Highways TV video coverage of Sisters on the Fly! Join Us!

What is your sister time like?

Sister times are best friend times where we laugh together, cry together and try adventurous things TOGETHER. I love sister time. SOTF is such a great sisterhood of gals that like to do what you do. We have so many opportunities for great friendships and new experiences.

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