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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Soddy-Daisy Tennessee?

Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee. The city was formed in 1969 when the communities of Soddy (to the north) and Daisy (to the south), along with nearby developed areas along U.S. Highway 27, merged to form Soddy-Daisy. It is becoming a bedroom community of nearby Chattanooga and is part of the Chattanooga Metropolitan Statistical Area.

What is the history of Soddy-Daisy?

History. Soddy-Daisy is an incorporated city, comprising the Tennessee cities Soddy and Daisy. It has frequently been noted on lists of unusual place names. Soddy-Daisy was home to Hamilton County 's first courthouse and government seat, Poe's Tavern. The tavern, built in 1819, was the home of Soddy-Daisy resident Hasten Poe.

What to do in Soddy-Daisy?

There are opportunities for fun around every corner in Soddy-Daisy. From thrilling excursions to popular tourist attractions, this alluring city has got the lot. Ready to start organizing your travel itinerary?

How many people live in Soddy-Daisy?

According to the 2019 US Census the Soddy-Daisy population is estimated at 13,719 people. The Soddy-Daisy time zone is Eastern Daylight Time which is 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Nearby cities include Daisy, Mowbray Mountain, District 1, District 8, Lone Oak.

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