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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Specsavers fit NHS hearing aids?

NHS hearing aids. Specsavers fits NHS customers with digital hearing aids that use some of the latest technology. This enables Specsavers to help people overcome their hearing challenges effectively. However, Specsavers’ service doesn’t end once NHS hearing aids have been fitted.

How do I get an NHS hearing test?

Editorial team To have an NHS hearing test, you'll need to be referred by your GP. Once referred, your assessment will be carried out by a qualified audiologist. If you're buying hearing aids privately, you'll be assessed by a hearing aid audiologist (also called a dispenser).

How do I get a Specsavers assessment?

If you have any concerns about your hearing and would like to have an NHS assessment, just enter your postcode into the finder below to see if you live in an area where the Specsavers service is available. If you are eligible, the first step is to visit your GP and ask them for a referral into the service.

What is a hearing test?

You'll have hearing tests to assess both ears. These measure the type and severity of your hearing loss, and generally take place in a soundproofed booth. All audiologists follow the British Standard of Audiology (BSA) guidelines for the tests they perform.

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