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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find help with SpecsIntact?

Users are encouraged to visit the SpecsIntact Website's Help Center for access to all of the User Tools, including eLearning Modules (video tutorials), printable QuickStart Guides, Knowledge Base containing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Technical Notes, and Release Notes and Web-Based Help.

What are the SpecsIntact eLearning modules?

In addition to the QuickStart Guides, the eLearning Modules provide a fresh perspective on the SpecsIntact software that targets core topics for learning to master the SpecsIntact software. The modules provide course materials in a logical, sequential order that will guide you through the content.

Does SpecsIntact support the ufgs format?

SpecsIntact supports the UFGS format. SpecsIntact can still open Masters or Jobs created with older versions of the UFGS format. Updated UFGS are posted quarterly in February, May, August, and November.

How do I generate the master and project Table of contents?

The Master and Project Table of Contents are generated through the SpecsIntact Explorer's Toolbar command, Right-click Menu, or keyboard shortcut Ctrl+P.

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