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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does spectrum mobile really cost?

How much does spectrum mobile cost a month? The Unlimited plan is $45 a month per line, while the By the Gig plan is $14 a month per gigabyte. Taxes and fees are included in the price of the Spectrum Mobile data plan you choose, according to its website.2 Jul 2019

Is spectrum mobile worth it?

The 2.5 GHz spectrum, called “mid-band” spectrum, is considered ideal for the new 5G mobile service. As an example of the potential value of the EBS spectrum, one analyst estimates that mobile operators may spend as much as $50 billion for 280 MHz of similar 3.7-4.0 GHz mid-band spectrum in an auction scheduled for December 2020. 3

Does spectrum charge incoming international call?

There is no charge to enable International Calling. International Calling fees only occur when International Calls are placed. SpectrumVoIP may disable the ability to call certain global regions due to high fraud risk or if the rate is higher than our threshold.

How much does Spectrum cost per month?

Spectrum Internet. Speeds Up To: 200 Mbps. Starting at: $49.99/ mo. No Data Caps. Spectrum’s starting package, fast enough for any family of four. Check Availability (833) 959-2204. All speeds, pricing and other specifications are subject to location and availability.

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